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In 2015, over 1.5 million passengers travelled through Jersey Airport; the highest figures recorded since 2008. These figures show an increase of almost 60,000 passengers in 2014 and over 103,000 more passengers than in 2013. Passengers travel to Jersey from a wide range of UK and European regional airports on over 50 flights a day.


With more than 1.5 million passengers annually travelling through Jersey each year, advertising at Jersey Airport can strengthen brand awareness, promote a product or service, or simply be used as a means to promote a specific event or festival. Jersey Airport offers a mix of advertising, sponsorship and promotional opportunities in high profile locations, guaranteeing the maximum exposure to a captive travelling audience.


Airport Terminal   Airport WDF 2009   Jersey Airport - new Devleopment Bar Area

 Why advertise at Jersey Airport?

Airport advertising provides precision when targeting a specific audience, from mass audiences to a particular demographic type or even destination group. Airports have the ability to reach new audiences every day and the unique mixture of passenger types appeal to a wide range of premium and mainstream advertisers. The unique environment of the airport enhances:

  • Ad awareness 
  • Ad retention 
  • Brand association 
  • Positioning 
  • New product launches

Airports are an exclusive retail environment, with point of sale interacting uniquely with advertising and increased dwell time to absorb messages and help remember the brand in the future. Consumer mindsets are transformed by the excitement of the airport experience, making passengers behave outside the norm in terms of spending, ad awareness and consumerism.

Advertising Opportunities

  • Indoor - Illuminated and LED light boxes, banners, door & window decal advertising, wall wraps, floor graphics, banner stands, LCD video advertising in arrivals baggage claim area, leaflet displays, trolleys.
  • Outdoor – Large format banners, car park branding, security railings, taxi & bus shelters, trolleys and exterior gate branding.
  • Displays – Designated display areas.
  • Sponsorship – Numerous opportunities including departure gates, security areas and special events held at Jersey Airport.
  • New areas under development - We are continually researching and developing new areas around the airport. Please call us for details on new up and coming sites.


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Ports of Jersey Website Advertising

For online advertising on any of the Ports of Jersey websites, including Jersey Airport and Jersey Harbours, please contact in the first instance, Ports of Jersey Marketing Team.

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